Kigo Men Prison Prisons should be places of positive transformation; they should offer a new beginning, empowerment and restoration for the offender, the victim and the society. Apart from the punishment, lying in the deprivation of liberty, the regime in prisons should focus on rebuilding lives and creating a safer society.


To improve humanitarian and correctional conditions in prisons resulting in a safer society in sub-Saharan African countries.


To improve six support area's:

Welfare Support Kigo raam
  • improve the humane environment for people in prisons
Healthcare Support
  • improve access to general healthcare
  • improve sanitation
  • improve the physical and mental condition of people in prisons
Education Support
  • create or improve facilities for formal and informal education
  • provide opportunities for personal development for people in prisons
Legal Support Kigo lightbulb
  • educate people in prisons about the international and local law
  • support paralegal initiatives
  • provide access to justice and legal representation for people in prisons
Reintegration Support
  • assist people released from prison with rehabilitation and reintegration
  • find a place for sick and dying people released from prison who have no home to go
  • provide protection and education for children of people in prisons
Prison Staff Support
  • assist prison staff with relevant training, e.g. communication, human rights, etc.
  • provide counselling


One prison: Kigo Prison
To maintain focus, we decided to give longtime support to one prison and obtain knowledge and experience. We do not want to be everywhere at the same time, but deliberately handle project by project. We will only start a next prison project after achieving the agreed objectives of the current prison project. This strong focus will allow us to fully allocate available limited resources.

Project Approach

SCS projects have a three phase approach
  • construction or refurbishment
  • establishing with materials and equipment
  • operational project support


Second Chance Support (SCS) works together with Uganda Prisons Service (UPS), a part of the Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs. Furthermore partnerships exist with various Dutch governmental organisations, Doctors without Borders, CAMARA, Hospice Africa, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), International Hospital Kampala, Makarere University Kampala, Mulago Hospital, Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity, etc.

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