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Workshop Famke Second Chance Support (SCS) is a Dutch charity consisting of people who stand positive in life. Bustling with energy and willing to share it with others. Who do not want to keep this for themselves, but let others benefit from it. Not only critically looking around, but actually willing to improve the world. Just bit by bit, realistic, based on their own capacities and capabilities, but also in the knowledge that cooperation works. Who are not ashamed to put their hands out of the sleeves and start working from the bottom-up.

Kigo building We help together disadvantaged people, people in prisons in Africa, especially in Uganda. People for whom we can bring major structural improvements with limited resources. Not because we think they should, but because they themselves want change. Out of jail, away from crime. With a real look at society, prison, offender and victim. A second chance for a new life.

Kigo Sickbay So we help together with you, to get people going again. We do not deny that if we are successful, and we are succesful, that we ourselves also get a very good sense of it. They are better off, we all are better off. Not materialistic, but as people. People in Europe and people in prisons in Africa, both people, including people who help each other. Not throwing money into a bottomless pit, but with concrete solutions which in the long term effect in results, all without luxury, and with limited resources.

Kigo Kitchen A monthly contribution seems so easy and the fact is it is easy, because let's face it, you hardly notice it. But that money is really something. Read in the SCS Newsletter how money can achieve structural improvements in health care in prisons. Lying in a hospital bed instead of on a blanket on the concrete floor. Just let water flow from the tap and flush the toilet, instead of some water from a plastic container casting. Normal right? Yes, but made possible with your help! As a big guy in primary school in a chair reading and writing instead of on a stone. And in a school where the roof no longer leaks. It all sounds simple and it is. Just as simple as to transfer every month a payment. With your contribution Second Chance Support can also support these people. Support the last word in our name. They should do it themselves, we just do support them, but really with our heart.

Kigo Workshop And so we all become a bit richer, not materialistic, but in our hearts. They, you and us. Without beautifull offices, you as a Supporter, we as volunteers without pay, no luxury cars, etc., just like human beings together. But with beautiful and sustainable projects we bring real improvements, even in the long term. Towards a safer and better society!

Second Chance Support (SCS)

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Second Chance Support (SCS) is a Dutch charity founded in 2010 operating in sub-Saharan African countries, with the aim to support people in prisons if they are commited to a second chance. The dutch organisation consists of a small policy-setting board of volunteers and a committee of recommendation. In Uganda the projects are being implemented by volunteers, specifically consisting of products and services. In short a small organisation with minimal cost.

We want to break the circle of criminality. We help people in prisons to change their life and teach them how to develop better social- and vocational capabilities. We also help reform prisons to correctional institutions.

Since its foundation, SCS has been run by volunteers who actively involve people in prisons. People in prisons who want to make a difference themselves. Besides local prison authorities, we work together with a variety of advisors and partnering organisations.