Music-CD Voices over the Wall

Upper Prison

In the Maximum Security 'Upper Prison' in Kampala-Luzira 420 men stay on Deathrow. In Uganda condemned prisoners may not work in prison, so there is lot of sports, drama play, drawing and music. They desperately wanted to make a music CD to let people outside the walls hear they are locked up overthere. Bea has been practicing many days with the two choirs, then Victor made the recordings of the songs written by the prisoners themselves under very difficult circumstances. In the Netherlands, Jaap Boeschoten selected and improved the recordings, and Ronald Muller copied all the music CDs. The CD costs Euro 10,00; the proceeds will go to the condemned prisoners, so here again the principle that SCS has no sticky fingers.

Yes, I support the condemned people on Deathrow in Maximum Security Upper Prison by ordering the Music-CD Voices over the Wall.
On behalf of the condemned people in the 'Upper Prison' in Kampala-Luzira Uganda, SCS wishes to thank you very much for your purchase.
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I will transfer Euro 11,95 per CD (Euro 10,00 plus Euro 1,95 shipping costs) to the bank account of SCS.


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In case you wish to support the work of Second Chance Support (SCS) financially you can do so by transferring yourself (automatically) money to the bank account of SCS. See below for details how to become a SECOND CHANCE SUPPORTer. For us that is the cheapest way, but if you have a Dutch bank account you can also donate now online by clicking the button.

On behalf of the people in prisons in Uganda, SCS wish to thank you very much for your donation.


Yes, I grant people in prisons in Uganda a Second Chance, therefore, I want to become a SCS-SUPPORTer. As a SCS-SUPPORTer you support the work of SCS among prisoners in Uganda. This will give them a Second Chance, perhaps for the first time in their life. This is only a notification to the SCS Administration. Please (automatically?) transfer your donation to SCS. This way you keep full control over your donation. On behalf of the people in prisons in Uganda, SCS wish to thank you very much for your donation.
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SCS Supporters

Money well spent
Giraffe Second Chance Support (SCS) is entirely dependent on donations. We work with volunteers without pay, no fees and no towering ditto redundancy packages. Neither expensive offices nor luxury four-wheel drives. But we spent almost all our money to people in prisons. We work primarily with products and services so we can actually directly help without much risk, without the risks of fraud...

For good turn deserves another
In the Netherlands we have a growing group of people who support us: our Supporters (you know that last word in our name), which are invaluable to us and so we treat them. We are grateful for the help of our Supporters, in any form whatsoever. We believe that they have a right to know what happens to their efforts and financial support. Second Chance Support gives them not only full disclosure, but also encourages them to come and see our projects in Uganda. They also receive a quarterly SCS newsletter.

Supporters donate money
ANBI We want to be clear: without money we do not make even a dent in package of butter. We focus on projects that require little investment but result in major structural improvements. We have ANBI-status in the Netherlands and therefore, Dutch donations are tax deductible. We prefer to receive your donations to our account of the Triodos Bank. A single donation is fantastic, for a monthly gift we jump a hole in the equator!

Supporters have ideas
Do you have a creative idea for a project(part) or how to get financing for our charity? Let us know and we will try to achieve that objective. If you want to help us with it, very fine. Say: how to get inexpensive (not used) tools to the prison school in Uganda, how do you get support for a graduation project, how do you develop a school kit about prisons in Africa, etc. For example, we have an artist who has offered make a painting to the highest bidder. The proceeds go to people in prison.

Supporters come to visit projects
Supporters SCS Supporters are involved. Besides a financial contribution, many are willing to help. A natural next step is to visit the project in Uganda to see for yourself. A fantastic experience not only to visit a prison in Uganda, but also to see what improvements have been achieved. As well as to see the work currently being executed. Hear from the people in prison themselves what it means to them and see how friendly people in Uganda are. A journey you'll never forget! As a Supporter of SCS you are more than welcome.

Supporters have a network
You may have options within your network to approach people to help us, who want the world to know that they are aware of these problems and they also want to help solve them. Perhaps there are companies who see opportunities in Uganda for a project to set up something, such as work performed by people in prisons. Are you a member of a social network such as the Rotary or Lions, our chairman (see Contact page) is more than willing to giving a presentation about our work.

Supporters still having room in their suitcase
Equator One of the problems we still face is how we get a variety of things cheaply from Europe to Uganda. Who goes to Uganda and has some free space left in the suitcase? Or who knows a possibility to transport goods cheaply from Europe to Uganda for us as a charity?

Supporters support
Think like our supporters and volunteers "perhaps I can do something for them" and get just like them a good feeling and energy. Give that to yourself. Who do you know, who helps people in prisons? That is unique! Helping to solutions and make the world a little better. Do you know that people in various prisons in the Netherlands do support us? So do churches, schools, clubs, friends, etc. This is worth gold to us! And just a message to our volunteers to support them is highly appreciated. Thanks for that!

Why does SCS have no CBF label

Second Chance Foundation Support (SCS) seeks for an optimally and controlled spending of donations received to support prisoners in Uganda. We have up to now succeeded to keep the overhead costs in the Netherlands below 1%, so at least 99% of the donations are actually spent in support of prisoners in Uganda. In Uganda, only the costs for renting an apartment including associated utility costs and the costs of visas and work permits come at the expense of SCS Uganda. All other expenses are used to support inmates. SCS Uganda has no salaries, no rent for an office and has no expensive cars, we travel on public transport! The flight costs are borne by the volunteers themselves. All expenditures are budgeted in advance. The financial and project reporting are prepared on a monthly basis by our local field worker(s) in Uganda and sent to the board of SCS in the Netherlands for review and approval of the money spent.

It is known that many - especially large - companies only support charities that have a label. One of those labels is provided by the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF). The CBF's main task is monitoring sound fundraising and the spenditure of same. This refers mainly to monitor three aspects:

  • What part of the gift remains for charity?
  • Is the money indeed being spent?
  • Is the money actually spent on the goals?
The CBF offers 3 options for a label:
  • Large charities may have a 'CBF-Keur' label. The cost of a review for a 'CBF-Keur' is Euro 2.925. The annual inspection ranges from Euro 445 to Euro 8.830 per year depending on the amount raised through fundraising.
  • Small charities may have a 'CBF Certificate' label. A 'CBF Certificate' is valid for 3 years. The cost of a review is Euro 505. The annual inspection costs Euro 355.
  • A 'CBF Declaration of no objection' is for charities shorter than 3 years in existence. A 'CBF Declaration of no objection' is valid for 3 years and costs Euro 870. A reassessment costs Euro 440.
For both large and small charities - such as Second Chance Support - strict conditions exist on the composition of the board. But fundraising costs for a charity may reach over a period of three consecutive years, on average to 25% of income from own fundraising amounts!

The non-recurring and annual recurring costs (overhead) and especially the fact that 25% of donations spent should be on fundraising (next to the other costs!) do not allign with the objectives of Second Chance Support that at least 99% of the gifts should benifit support of the inmates in Uganda. In other words Second Chance Support uses far stricter regulations!

The board of Second Chance Support is therefore to the opinion - taking the costs associated with it into account - that a 'CBF-Keur', a 'CBF Certificate' or a 'CBF Declaration of no objection' should not be pursued by Second Chance Support. Supporters of Second Chance Support(SCS) have the right anyway at any time to request access to all detailed spending!