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RSIN: 822364414
CoC:  30286689

Triodos Bank Bank: Triodos Bank in Zeist
ino:   Second Chance Support (SCS) in WOERDEN

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Board SCS the Netherlands

Chairman Victor Wildeman
Name: Victor (Musana) H.A. Wildeman
Telephone: +31 (0)348 431654

Vice-Chairman Jan Vastbinder
Name: Jan Vastbinder
Telephone: +31 (0)6 53417982

Secretary Luuk Kops
Name: Luuk Kops
Telephone: +31 (0)6 44385760

Treasurer Rachel Kalkman
Name: Rachel Kalkman
Telephone: +31 (0)6 11205022

Member Famke Wildeman
Name: Famke Wildeman
Telephone: +31 (0)30 6995926

Committee of Recommendation

Mirjam Blaak Mirjam Blaak
  • Ambassador of Uganda in BeNeLux - Embassy in Brussels

Paul Geurts Paul Geurts
  • Prison Management Delegate - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Margriet van der Kooi Margriet van der Kooi
  • Vicar - Zuwe Hofpoort Ziekenhuis - Woerden
  • Vicar - RPCW - Woerden
  • Boardmember VTZ and Hospitium De Mantelmeeuw - Woerden
  • Founder Stichting Tijd voor een Gesprek - Woerden

Arjan Noordhoek Arjan Noordhoek
  • Vicar - Baptist Parish Silo - Utrecht
  • Spiritual Counselor - Pieter Baan Centrum - Utrecht

Peter van der Sande Peter van der Sande
  • President - International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) - The Hague

Supervisory Board

Frits Langeraar Frits Langeraar
  • Projectmanager / Senior Policy Officer - Ministry of Security & Justice DJI - The Hague

Teun van Zutphen Teun van Zutphen
  • Managing Director - Van Zutphen Financial Services - Woerden


Ugandan coat of arms

Anneke Bruin

Begin 2017 Anneke Bruin (NL 1992) will be part of the SCS team in Uganda as a volunteer field worker. As a social psychologist, she is made to give an extra boost to the already existing counselling team of prisoners in Kigo Prison. In addition, it seems her passion for dance is an excellent starting point to see how prisoners can bring the Music Dance and Drama Group to a higher level. The first time to Africa but with a backpack full of experience as a volunteer in prisons; that should be sufficient for six weeks full of challenges and fun!

Jan Vastbinder

Jan Vastbinder (NL 1948) is not only vice-chairman of Second Chance Support (SCS) in the Netherlands, since April 2016 he is also a volunteer fieldworker of the Second Chance Support team in Uganda. With a backpack full of experiences as a manager of charity organizations he is a valued centipede in many areas of support in the Netherlands and Uganda, also with a focus on the observance of human rights and investigating many things that need improvement. Without losing focus, thanks to him, SCS can work, also in Uganda, in many areas!

Mientje Meussen

Mientje Meussen (NL 1948) is a professional artist and has, in addition to oil paintings, specialized herself in wallpaintings. She does this in public places such as nurseries and trade matters, but also in people's private homes, especially many children's bedrooms ( Since April 2016 Mientje supports prisoners in Kigo Prison in the Art Drawing Group and in the realization of wallpaintings inside Kigo Prison resulting in prisoners themselves not only (better) learn how to draw and paint, but also can provide a much better private and friendly feel to their environment!

Demy de Waard

Since September 2014 Demy de Waard (NL 1996) is a volunteer field worker of the Second Chance Support team in the Netherlands. As a student MBO-Mechanical Studies Demy focuses entirely on developing and producing products with 3D printing in his spare time. Demy is closely involved in the computer instruction in the Study Centre of Kigo Prison. He designs, builds and improves enclosures for the Rapsberry Pi workstations. The latest technology is being applied; unique in Kigo Prison!

Famke Wildeman

In recent years Famke Wildeman (NL 1980) has many times been active in prisons in Uganda and she continues to do so with passion. As a result of her support the Kigo Prison School has greatly been improved and provided with many textbooks and materials. The library inside the Kigo Prison Study Centre is now well organized, automated and equipped with many books. Together with a partner organization she has designed and started the production of liquid soap by prisoners. In addition, she puts her talents in supporting choirs in prisons.

Menco Bolt

During the months of December 2012 up to mid February 2013 Menco Bolt (NL 1946) worked for the Second Chance Support team in Uganda as a voluntary fieldworker. Menco took care that many of the components of the construction and installation phase of Kigo Prison could be completed.

Anne-Marije Bolt

During the months of November 2012 up to including January 2013 Anne-Marije Bolt (NL 1980) worked as a voluntary fieldworker in the Second Chance Support team in Uganda in particular on the operational phase of the project to shape and start it.

Rien van Binnendijk

Rien van Binnendijk (NL 1963) has twice enhanced as volunteer field worker the Second Chance Support team in Uganda. Doing so, his support not only resulted in a beautifully restored Staff Church, he has also done much good work in the field of counseling of inmates who found a listening ear to him!

Jesse de Waard

Since June 2012 Jesse de Waard (NL 1992) works as a volunteer fieldworker of the Second Chance Support team in the Netherlands; in addition he has also been very active in Uganda. As a professional HBO-computer scientist Jesse is fully focused on the development of the computer- and school-teaching in the Study Centre of Kigo Prison. All equipment has been installed by him, moreover he keeps the configuration of the software and training regularly up to date. Challenging times with the latest technology; an example for many Ugandan prisons!

Henric van Zijl

During the months of May and June 2012 Henric van Zijl (NL 1992) reinforced the Second Chance Support team in Uganda as a volunteer field worker. His first time in Uganda and his first time in a prison, so not afraid of challenges. He guided the carpentry team to produce boardgames for every ward: checkers, chess, ludo and ladders & snakes. A strong improvement of the welfare in Kigo Prison!

Luuk Kops

During the months of June, July and August 2011 Luuk Kops (NL 1987) worked as a volunteer field worker in the Uganda team of Second Chance Support. Luuk was at that time a student civil engineering at the University of Delft and was the right man at the right place and the rigth time at the moment we had started the construction activities in Kigo Prison. His work not only formed a solid foundation for the construction phase in Kigo Prison, but also how we deal with volunteers in Uganda! Luuk nowadays is secretary of the SCS board in the Netherlands.

Bea Wildeman

From the establishment of SCS up to including 2013 Bea Wildeman (NL 1956) has executed in many areas a lot of activities as the secretary of the board and as a volunteer field worker in the Second Chance Support team in Uganda. She still is committed with passion in the broadest sense of the word in support of SCS. Without her commitment Second Chance Support (SCS) would not have been the professional charitable foundation that it is today.

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