Water, water

Sink It's a neat sink, rather dingy, yet a long time ago of white porcelain. Just hangs on the wall so awry. Ever before, with screws to the wall, it seems, but that's way back when. On closer inspection, it is in unstable equilibrium on the plastic drain and well, the tap is not working either. Still have a better look, because underneath is a flexible steel tube with a brass tap. Perfect: you can still filling yellow plastic jerrycans. Just emptied the jerrycan, so you have running water, do not complain! They do not complain anyway, because they are too sick.

Toilet Next let's go to the toilet in the corner of the ward. Toilet in Africa means a hole in the ground, but look, here's even a neat cistern to wash! I try by pulling but it does not work, well actually I should say, "never works." The water pressure appears insufficient to fill the cistern. Still it is quite firmly fitted on the wall; continue to think positive!