Sniffed by the rats

Patient administration We visit the first time Kigo Prison and are given a tour; impressive the first time! After the workshop we arrive at the Health Centre, the Clinic. As a result of prison overcrowding, there are many people sick. These go first to the Health Centre, where they are being treated by a nurse and/or fellow inmates. The doctor does what he, with few resources, can. He decides whether or not patients are being transferred to a prison hospital, rather not, because that costs petrol!

The Health Centre consists of three wards of almost eight to eight meters. The middle one of the venues serve as the Clinic. There we see on the ground a row of shoe boxes. In these boxes are stacks of paper. After a closer look it seems parchment with frayed edges. Again listening to our host, we hear him say that this is "the patient administration". Asked about the frayed edges, he says: "Oh that are just rats that are eating of them." My question why the patient administration is not being tracked on a computer, is being sighingly answered: "Please do not talk about computers, as it will not make me sleep tonight. If we would have computers, we could do so much more!"