Remand Suspects belong in a remand prison and convicted criminals belong in prison to be punished, right? We forget about the comments here: "... lock the door and throw away the keys..." and its many variants, we frequently hear. And jails as 'hotels'? Come to sleep one night in one of those 'luxury places' here in prisons in Africa. Very nice: no shortage of talks, it's overcrowded! And do you want a souvenir? A variety of communicable diseases, you get them for free. So much for the invitation, back to the suspects and convicts. The average time in remand is four years, the average time of sentencing one year. Average here means exactly what it is, it can be longer, it can be shorter. So we regularly speak people who have been in remand for many years and have seen neither a lawyer nor a judge. And being years in remand for a short(er) prison sentence, is of course not right either. Why that is, is (still) out of our sight, we may find in the future time and money to do research on this. It would be a fundamental improvement. The fact is that prisons are at the end of the chain, an every day are being confronted with these numbers in already overcrowded prisons.