Painting - Simon van der Weerd

Simon van der Weerd Artist Simon van der Weerd from Apeldoorn gave completely free of charge one of his paintings to Second Chance Support (SCS). And it's really not one of the least: Queen Beatrix with Nelson Mandela. We cannot even imagine a better link with Africa.

The painting donated by Simon has a special story. It was a business friend to temporarily borrow the painting as an additional decoration of his company during the visit of the royal family to Apeldoorn on 30 April 2010, Queens day. However, during this visit Apeldoorn was startled by the attack on our royal family with many injuries and deaths. The planned visit to the company was cancelled and therefore the royal family did not admire the painting.

Purpose of the donation of the canvas was to yield full benefits to the projects SCS performs at Kigo Prison. Of course this will happen and SCS is therefore very grateful to Simon for his donation!

Beatrix and Mandela Simon van der Weerd makes custom paintings on request, based on the input you provide, even from a photograph. So if you desire to have a painting of your company identity, family, or images of special moments in your life, discuss it with Simon. More information is available at:

During an SCS presentation, the painting was bought by a loyal SCS Supporter. He will in turn donate it to the Hospice in Rosmalen, that is a fantastic destination!

Needless to say SCS is extremely grateful for for the gift of this loyal Supporter. A fantastic experience that we have such loyal Supporters: Thank you very much! We will carefully handle your donation; with it we can do a lot of good work for this underprivileged people in a desperate situation.