Musical chairs?, musical stones!

Musical stones Perhaps you recognize it, a primary school PTA meeting: tall people sitting on tiny chairs. Or the picture of a campfire: a group of people together, sitting on a row of stones. Those were my thoughts when I first saw the Educational Centre (say 'school') of Kigo Prison. A few benches with tables as they were with us in use in the Netherlands in the fifties in a primary school. Too small dimensions for big guys in prison and far too few, so for the rest of the classmates there is a piece of stone to sit on. How can you concentrate if you cannot sit and write properly? There is nothing else, all the good will of the teachers notwithstanding. What's more the whole primary school (Primary 1 - Primary 7) is located together in an open space outside and high school (secondary 1 - 6 secondary) also all together. Elementary school in a prison for men? Yes, because many go here for the first time to school. And the teachers? The school was started by a teacher who is in prison himself, with lots of good will and almost without means, in wretched circumstances, yet he also wants to help people transform their lives, improve. He has good samaritans trained as teachers (train the trainer) and so the school started. So every morning it is musical chairs again, who may sit in a small bench and who is to sit on a stone?