Guitar - John Wils

John Wils You may have heard of him: John Wils. A musician who wants to make a difference, wanting people to stimulate reflection. In short, a passionate young man. We met him the first time in the forensic psychiatric clinic 'De Oostvaarderskliniek' (in Dutch TBS-kliniek) in Almere. Big tough guys, shy people, people you wonder whether they are practitioner, guardian, or patient, in short, people like you and me, who silently listen to the songs of John Wils.

Upper Guitar Over the years our paths may run close together and so we met him from time to time somewhere. When he hears of our work in prisons in Africa, he has to think for a moment. After some deliberation he comes back to us. "It takes me some effort, but I'd like give you my first guitar for people who make music in prison." After a while we get with help of others the guitar with us in Kampala, a wonderful instrument! We go to the section of the condemned to death and hand over the guitar. Immediately it is extensively tested and accompanied by two-vocal African singing; you must have experienced it, it is impossible to describe.

John Wils, a young man who makes a difference, to the Upper Maximum Security Prison in Kampala!