An empty bed

An empty bed In the middle of the Sickbay stands one empty metal bed. Mostly paintless (formerly white?) and without a mattress, so it is empty. "Of course it's empty", you will say: "There is no mattress on it!" Quite right, but the sad thing is, it's the only real bed in the Sickbay!

Imagine: a dark barely painted room with dirty spots on the lowerside of the walls of sweaty backs which have been sitting against it. For 'the sick' in this prison lie on a blanket on the concrete floor and not in bed. A view from the windows is not existent, there are only four small barred openings high in the wall and without any meshwires against the (malaria)mosquitoes. There is, however, a view on that one metal bed, unpainted and without a mattress.

Still hope for a better future!