Kigo Prison: A wise elder

Kigo Yusuf My name is Yusuf [not his real name] born in February 1941 to a polygamous father (rip) and my lovely, humble mother (rip) which promotes me to qualify as a 70 years old senior citizen of Uganda right now. During my early days I went to various schools seeking different educations; first I joined Primary School in Jinja district and stopped in P4. Afterwards I joined another Primary School and went up P8 during those days. Then I joined Secondary School in Kampala but didn't go far beyond S2. Later I joined a Technical School for my career Course of Carpentry, which I did very well with a good Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery. After my course, with the tool box I acquired through well-wishers, I opened up a furniture market, which made me well known in that place of work.

And it was during that period when I met my late beloved wife (rip), who made my life happy during my youth. She indeed made my life happy when she gave four boys and six lovely daughters during our stay. But later she passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age of 53 years. It made my life miserable, cause of her absence in the family which had already expanded to a big number, after my kids gave me grand kids who really needed parental care.

It was during that crucial time when someone planted a small kid at a tender age and accused me of defilement which led me to Mpigi High Court where the presiding judge convicted me to 40 years imprisonment which brought a lot of misery not only on my side, but also to my family as a whole.

Since my conviction in 2010 I was sent to my present home, Kigo Prison, where I have tried my best to make ends meet, by abiding with the rules and regulations governing the prison, after learning the real definition of prison. After the administration learning my conduct, I was given a party leading the whole Boma's cleanliness. My life in prison is simple and educative for I have met with so many men and young boys whom I have talked to as a parent as regards my age and learnt a lot from them. I came to know how to minimise our expenses while in prison, like you get a piece of soap and share it with a friend, you get a razorblade and share it with your colleagues for our day to day living, which has promoted a lot of unity. It is because of this union which has really changed my life because of how I do help others and they also help me. For that matter I have decided to shift my family to Jinja to my safe place where I will be useful to Kingmen after my completion of my sentence. As I have hope that my appeal will be considered, for I have applied for the reduction of my sentence.

And given a second chance I wish to consolidate what I have learnt here in prison and implement it outside for the benefit of my family and the entire nation, since I have known how people behave in every corner. Last but not least I would like to urge to Second Chance Support to introduce seminars, workshops and also quizzes and debates, which will make inmates think ahead as we do all accept and believe that everything is in the hands of Allah the almighty. May he bless you all. For God and my country.