Kigo Prison: Illegal gun

Kigo Patrick I am Patrick [not the real name] born in May 1976 in Uganda. My father is a lawyer in a law firm and my mother is a peasant. I am married to a caring wife and blessed with two lovely daughters. I completed my Primary School, Secondary School and University. I used to work as a teacher and I implemented to fulfil the will of being a teacher by teaching, guiding and counselling the youth and adults.

I was arrested in November 2009 and I found myself accused of having an illegal gun which actually led my life to the soul nest called prison. This has thrown me very far from my dreams since I was sentenced to a long period of time behind bars. And my family situation as per now is full of: hatreds, enmity, impersistence and distributive. And the worst of all, I am hated by my family members because I did a natural brink of act.

Though this prevailed in my life, I had to stick on one principle: 'God cares'. Since this created a big brow into the death of my beloved father who used to: care, tender, guide and excavate wisdom within my family. Regardless of the nature of re-birth of success, patience within a man's life. And I had to begin to neutralise the definition of being a man. Since I found prison life very: intimidating, hostility and scaring.

Depending on the endowment you enter into another world called soul of hell (prison). Life is challenging, rekindled since I were left to a tale say: "To whom it may concern". Regardless of the reformation, rehabilitation, recreation, patiantion, I acquired from the nature life within the prison, however, I threw away all of this worries and began helping others through teaching, guiding and counselling my fellow inmates, since I found a new chance which was established by an NGO called Second Chance Support.

Thank you Second Chance Support for having remembered our demand of: bringing good and safe water, refurbishing our cells, refunding the school, balancing our diet, and improving our health standards, i.e. the Prison Clinic. And I pray that you may bring us a third chance since the Netherlands is a home of hospitality, love, faith, divine and support the whole world regardless of the colour, race, heritage, language and person's identity. I continue to ask God that one day I will get a pal from this lovely country the Netherlands to whom I will ask for comfort, joy, advise, and new discoveries in this mad world of pain.

Dedication to the SCS sponsors. The first day you entered our prison the ocean sang, the rocks cried out, mountains roared, the moon wicked, the sky went dry and sadness changed into laughter. Message to the sponsors: things never change until we change our perspective and familiar, so keep up with that heartinity and give us again the third chance. For God and my country.