Kigo Prison: Just a thief

Kigo John My name is John [not his real name]. I was born in a God-fearing family of father, mother, two brothers and three sisters. I was born in October 1984. I was schooling in a Primary School found in Buwama Sub-county (Uganda). Unfortunately I stopped in P5 when my father died of HIV/Aids. Within one year even my mother died and I remained with my sisters and brothers.

At the age of sixteen I started working as a cameraman. When I reached the age of eighteen I married. After that I started my own business as barber at the Cooper Complex Centre in Kampala. I have three children; one of them is a girl. My wife is a housewife with limited capability to cater for both children education wise. Every day I praise Him who gives rain, to give me strength so that I may go back to my family while am still alive, because I would like to change my family as prison has changed my life.

I was arrested in April 2008 because I found a man in my Hair Salon who was trying to steal my property. I made an alarm when the man was trying to run with my properties; the people who gathered around the Hair Salon caught him and started beating him. Later the man died. That is why I was arrested, because I was the owner of that Hair Salon and they charged me murder case. In March 2010 they had convicted me 38 years over murder by High Court.

When I reached in prison I didn't accept that I am in prison because I found loving people in this place. They gave me everything like soap, a blanket, they advised me and strengthen me with the word of God. Now I am a student at Kigo Prison School in S1. I am trying my best to help those who are badly off like giving soap and clothes. I get these things through shaving hair after breaking lessons and on the weekends.

Then I thank God who brought us Second Chance Support (SCS) as a gift, they bring us clear water in the whole Boma, start repairing our Clinic, promised to renovate our class rooms, so many things which I can't even mention; thank you so much. I hope Second Chance Support can even help other prisons in the future. Lastly I request for the people in the Netherlands to pray for me as I also pray for you, so that God may give me a pen friend in this loving country as much as a sponsor. Thank you, may the almighty God bless you and He fills all the good things in your country.